Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swiss Chard Sandwich with a hint of German

Tomato, lightly fried German Speck (cured pork, in spices like juniper berries, nutmeg...), Swiss Chard sautéd in Riesling wine, Altemburger (semi-soft German cheese from goat's milk), fresh Basil... on toasted rustic German bread....

Oh I so suffered making this one... sigh... such a labor of love. ;-)  Glass of wine?  I say, if you want white, go with a Chardonnay, unless you come across a gem of a dry Riesling.  Red?  Pinot Noir.  Beer kinda guy?  In the summer, go with a Weißbier (Wheat beer).  In colder temps, perhaps a Bock.


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