Monday, May 2, 2011

The BBQ is meritorious of much more than meat....

I have started to inhabit the most comforting place in the world again... the kitchen. However, just outside the door is an amazing grill, with a meister that accepts what I hand him wrapped in foil, sometimes in odd little shapes....

Tonight, in addition to cayenne lime chicken and peppered steak, were kale in citrus, cognac, sauvignon blanc and honey... rosemary cognac potatoes... and the most delectable artichokes, grill bathed in olive oil, clove extract (vodka and cloves that sat for a week), olive oil, butter, fresh ground nutmeg, sea salt and pepper. I served it with a blue cheese, lemon, soy, fresh sage and olive oil dip. We were in ecstasy.

Believe it or not, I had a 20 year old port, and he had a Mondavi Cabernet.

It feels good to feel good again :-)

Cheers! Stevie

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