Saturday, June 18, 2011

Germany in June...

Birgit and I cooked up a storm. She invented her version of a Monte Cristo, with grapefruit, sun dried tomatoes, and lemon thyme. Served with a duo of Tuscan wines (from my private reserve in her cellar that we obtained on our road trip to Italy), our tongues were exalted playing Sherlock Holmes in locating which taste buds to access in the identification process....

Birgit made fresh pasta dough, and we assembled fresh parma ham ravioli with a crisp sage and butter sauce. So simple, so rustic, so absolutely wonderful.

The gold writing on the plate with the ultimate apple tart from an organic farm in Stuttgart means "Hip Gold."

And of course I had to try their sausage and sauerkraut....

More pics to come from an incredible Bayrische meal in Munchen.

Prost! Stevie

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